Pastor's Vision

The Scriptures declare that with God, "all things are possible unto them that believe." As your Pastor, I am believing and trusting God for our new sanctuary and family life center. God has anointed and appointed me to lead the Ebenezer Baptist Church Family during these last and evil days of anti-family sentiments, anti-church regulations, and anti-God / anti-Christ attitudes toward right living. My God-given vision for the Ebenezer Baptist Church is:

1) To preach and teach the Gospel in such a manner as to reach the youngest child, to draw the greatest of sinners, and to challenge the most conscientious of saints to trust and obey Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

2) To lead God's people, by example, into righteous living, tithe giving, and holy worshipping. God's Word alone is my guide.

3) To erect a larger sanctuary and family life center, including gymnasium, where preaching and teaching will bring God's people into family fellowship and public worship through faithful living, sacrificial giving, and sincere worshipping.

4) To develop and implement those ministries that will train and restore the man to his God given position within the family, accentuate Christian family values, and to train our younger men to eventually become Christian men, husbands, and fathers. For this cause, God has called me to raise up a holy standard for all the world to see. For this cause, God is calling the Ebenezer Family to enlarge herself so that He can bless the world through her.

For this cause, God will continue to call upon the Ebenezer Family and this ministry to an ever increasing work because in this corner of the vineyard, Occoquan and Lake Ridge, the harvest is truly plenteous but the laborers are still few.

Obedience is still better than a sacrifice and is therefore compel to walk by faith. I am leaning on Jesus Christ. My face is set towards Glory, my goal is heaven and the vision is clear! I will not flinch in the face of hardships nor hesitate in the presence of the Adversary. I won't give up or let up until my God-given vision becomes a reality or is altered by God. I will continue to go until Jesus returns, give of myself until exhausted, and preach until God says "enough done!" Jesus Christ shall recognize the Ebenezer Church Family for our banner shall read, "We're Marching To Zion!"


Rev. Dr. Charles A. Lundy
Senior Pastor/Teacher
Ebenezer Baptist Church of Woodbridge, VA