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Lesson Title Sermon Handout Bible Study Quiz


I Will Be A Functioning Church Member

"My Membership at Ebenezer"

(1Cor. 12:12 - 31 - Sermon)

Chapter One Quiz

Quiz One Answers


I Will Be A Unifying Church Member

"Unified As One"

(Eph. 4:1 - 7 - Sermon)

Chapter Two Quiz

Quiz Two Answers


I Will Not Let My Church Be About My Preferences and Desires

"A New Way of Thinking"

(Phil. 2:3 - 8 - Sermon)

Chapter Three Quiz

Quiz Three Answers


I Will Pray For My Church Leaders

"Somebody Prayed For Me"

(Acts 12:1 - 5, 12 - Sermon)

Chapter Four Quiz

Quiz Four Answers


I Will Lead My Family To Be Health Church Members

"My Church Is My Family"

(Eph. 5:25 - 30 - Sermon)

Chapter Five Quiz

Quiz Five Answers


I Will Treasure Church Membership As A Gift

"My Membership Is A Gift"

(Heb. 10:23 - 25 - Sermon)

Chapter Six Quiz

Quiz Six Answers


Each lesson expands and explains the chapters from the book "I Am A Church Member" by Thom S. Rainer.  You can download both the Beyond The Sermon (BTS) handout for Sunday worship and the quiz questions for Wednesday bible study.

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