Pray - Until - the - Load - Lifts

2022 Women's Ministry Monthly Fellowship Documents

Month Prayer Presentations Facilitator Prayer Principle Presentation
February Invocation - The prayer of invocation is a prayer to Call, Invite, or to ask for God's presences. Rev. Sumby Mathew 7:7-8
Ask, Seek, & Knock
 Invocation Study
March Adoration/Praise - The prayer is adoration is a prayer of Reverence, Worship, Revere, Honor, Celebration, and Admiration Rev. Mackey-Padilla Romans 8:26
Divine Prayer Partner
 Adoration & Praise Study
April Confession - The prayer of confession is the prayer of Acknowledgement, Admission, Acceptance, and repentence of sin. Rev. Lundy Jeremiah 33:3
Invited to Pray
 Confession Study
May Thanksgiving - The prayer of thanksgiving gives Appreciations, Gratitude, and Thankfulness to God. Rev. Sumby Psalm 69:13
Hope in Prayer
 Thanksgiving Study 
June Supplication/Petition - The prayer of supplication is a request of something from God. Rev. Mackey-Padilla Matthew 26:40-41
Vigilance, Discipline, & Action
 Supplication & Petition Study
July Intercession - The prayer of intercession is a prayer of Intervention on behalf of others. Rev. Brown James 5:16
Effectual Prayer
Intercession Study 
August (Summer Vacation) No Meeting      
September Contrition/Repentance - The prayer of contrition is a prayer expressing Sorrow, Remorse, and asking for Forgiveness. Rev. Mackey-Padilla 1 John 5:14-15
Confidence in Prayer
 Contrition & Repentance Study
October Lament - The prayer of lament is prayer used to bring our fears, doubts, and despair to God. Rev. Lundy

Ephesians 6:18

Battlefield Praying

 Lament Study
November (Holiday) No Meeting      
December EOY Fellowship TBD      

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