Outreach Ministries

We are committed to finding as many opportunities we can to go out in our surrounding community and make a difference.  Our mission of "Putting the Family Back Together" extends beyond our walls and out into the community in which we serve.  We are actively involved in community outreach initiatives to bring support, fellowship, and encouragement to those who stand in need as well as are ambassadors for our Lord and Savior giving witness to his wonderful works. 

We invite you to join us in our mission to heal the community and bring them closer to the Lord, growing in their knowledge, relationship, and walk with him during these often trying times.

We have ministries of devoted, spirit filled believers who have charged themselves with making a difference.


Missionary Ministry: Dedicated to doing God's work through service to the community.  Check out their ministry page for more information about this wonderful group of people.


Hedges and Highways Ministry: Sharing what we know about Jesus and bringing people to Christ, one soul at a time.  Visit their ministry page to learn more.


Prison Ministry: Society often turns its back on those who have violated the law.  Not us!  We believe that ALL men are called according to His purpose.  We have ALL sinned and fallen short of Jesus' glory and grace.  We strive to reach out an encouraging hand and let those who are having trouble with the law know that Jesus STILL loves them.  Visit our Prison Ministry page for more information.