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So! What is Christian Education anyway?

Have you ever asked the question, "Is there anything at my church that can help me with the pressures in my life (family, job, finances, relationships, spiritual growth, church activities, etc.)?" Are you in need of practical solutions to your everyday problems? Could you benefit from searching the Scriptures for these answers? Then Christian Education at Ebenezer Baptist Church is the answer!

Christian Education involves more than just attending a class or listening to a sermon; while it includes these elements of your religious experience, it is so much more. Christian Education is a comprehensive, revolutionary, hands-on approach to learn from the Bible how to gain victory in every area of your life.

Below are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our Christian Education Ministry Course Catalog.  You can also download a copy of the FAQs for offline viewing by clicking here.



  1. How many classes can I take per term?  We are asking members to sign up for one class per six-week term.  This will allow others the opportunity to take the same classes.
  2. What happens if I miss a class during the six weeks?  Your facilitator will make the information available to you in a number of ways (handing out notes; emailing the information, Zoom recordings of the session, etc.).  You can still register for a course if you know you will be gone for a week.  Just coordinate with the facilitator.

  3. Will these classes be offered again?  Yes!  We are developing an annual schedule and, based on demand, classes may be repeated during the year.

  4. How can I become a facilitator?  You must go through the training and be approved by the Pastor and the Christian Education Ministry.

  5. How many courses may I sign up to take?  It depends on when the courses are offered, most will occur on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.  Based on the schedule, you may have the opportunity to participate in two courses during the same session.    

  6. Who are the teachers/instructors?  They will vary between Ebenezer members and external instructors.  All instructors will receive training prior to the course commencing. 

  7. Can people outside the church attend the courses?  Yes!  The courses are open to persons who are not members of Ebenezer.  All students must register, and non-members will be asked for proper identification.

  8. Do I get a training certificate for attending the course?  Yes!  Each person who completes a course will receive a certificate of completion.

  9. How long is a course and where are they held?  Each course is 90 minutes, once a week for 6 weeks.  The classes are held at the EBC Family Life Center on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights during the regular Sunday school and Bible study periods.  This will be expanded in 2020 so, watch for additional information.

  10. Can my children attend the course if I am not there or available?  Yes, if your child is scheduled to attend a course you do not need to be present.  However, you are responsible for getting your child to EBC and for picking the child up once the class is over.

  11. Can I attend the course on-line or dial-in?  Some classes will be available online, in 2020, during the next session



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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to download a copy of the Christian Education FAQs about our course offerings for offline viewing.