Caring Ministries

Caring MinistriesThe mission of Ebenezer Baptist Church is "Putting the Family Back Together".  This mission has been the halmark of our walk with Christ.  In that walk, we understand that there will be difficult and trying times, and that we'll often be called to walk with one another in times that aren't pleasant. 

Whether someone is in financial need or is emotionally suffering from the loss of a loved one, Ebenezer has caring ministries available to assist.



Bereavement Ministry: Provides solace to members and their families who are grieving.  To learn more, visit the Bereavment Ministry page.


Christian Counseling Ministry: Provides indivdual and family counseling for our members and the community.  Visit the Christian Counseling Ministry page for more information.


Ministry of Medicine (MOM): Strives to help Christians understand the relationship between spiritual and physical well being.  Visit the MOM's ministry page for more information.