Deaconness Minstry

The Pastor and congregation are served and supported by the Deaconess Ministry, which aids the Deacon Ministry in performing its mission. Ministry responsibilities include serving the congregation’s needs and promoting family unity through joining the Deacon Ministry in visitations, assisting with baptismal ceremonies, communion service and new member activities. The ministry is also actively involved in the programs and events of other church ministries, particularly the Women's Ministry. Deaconess Anna Linton, President

The Deaconess Ministry of Ebenezer Baptist Church was organized in the early 1950's. Over the years, the Deaconess Board has been blessed with many women who love the Lord. They are filled with the Holy Spirit to serve the congregation and visit the sick. They also assist the Pastor and Deacons with the duties of communion and baptism.

Deaconesses advise, guide, and counsel young women in spiritual and moral ways of life. Other duties consist of preparing the communion table, greeting new members with the Right Hand of Fellowship as they join the congregation and become new members in the Body of Christ. They assist the Missionaries during the clothing drives and the feeding of the homeless.