Giving Online to EBC

Online Giving

Leveraging the power of technology to make your giving experience easier!

As a charitable non-profit organization, Ebenezer Baptist Church relies on your generosity in order to carry out our Mission and Vision. As a result, we now offer secure Online Giving as a safe and convenient method of giving. You can make a difference!

General Information

Thank you for your desire to give to the programs that EBC supports. You can give to EBC whether you are a member of our church or a friend of EBC and want to help further our ministry. If you are not a member of EBC, you can choose to set up an online giving account which will allow you to track your contributions and setup recurring giving transactions. If you do not wish to create an online giving profile, you can give a one-time donation without creating an account.

To proceed with your online giving, click one of the buttons below based on your giving preference and you will be redirected to a to a secured website in order to submit your donation amount.

Give as a Registered User with EBC Online Giving
If you have created an EBC Online Giving account, you can set up recurring giving, which is the easiest way to give regularly. You can schedule your giving to process weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or otherwise. All your contributions will be tracked and added to your EBC contribution statetment for end-of-year tax purposes. Click here to download instructions for how to give online to EBC!  Click the image button to the right to get started!

Make a One-Time Donation as a Guest User
Give quick and easy. Safe, secure online giving finished in just a few simple steps. Click the image button to the right to make a one-time contribution to EBC. You'll have the option of creating an online giving account should you choose to give more regularly, otherwise, feel free to use this option to make a one-time contribution without obligation. Click here to download instructions for how to give online to EBC!  Click the image button to the right to get started!

Donate via Amazon Smile
Amazon helps you give to your favorite cause while doing your routine online shopping. Go to SMILE.AMAZON.COM, search for Ebenezer Baptist Church Occoquan, select Ebenezer Baptist Church (if not already pre-selected by clicking on the aforementioned link), and shop as normal. Amazon will then donate a portion of your purchase amount to Ebenezer.  You can also click the image button to the right to get started!

If you have any questions, our EBC Online Giving team is available to assist you. Email your questions to We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming services!

If you'd like some assistance in calculating proportional giving, here is a valuable tool. It will be helpful in considering the financial commitment you believe is appropriate. This tool calculates percentages of your total income, making it easy to figure how much to contribute on a regular basis.


Tithe Calculator

TO FIND OUT HOW MUCH YOUR TITHE WOULD BE, enter your annual income.

(Use only numbers, no commas or dollar signs.)
Your Annual Income
  Full Tithe (10%) 1/2 Tithe (5%) 1/4 Tithe (2.5%)
$ Per Year
$ Per Month
$ Per Week
$ Per Day



Online Giving Instructions

Click Here to download instructions on how to access/use our secure online giving website.

Online Giving Mobile App

If you have an iPhone or Android-based smartphone, try our Online Giving Mobile App!  Called Church LifeTM, this mobile application will allow you to make your online contributions via a convenient, easy-to-use, mobile experience.  Click the Church LifeTM icon below to install the Church LifeTM mobile app on your smartphone and start making your contributions today!

NOTE:  In order to use the Church LifeTM mobile application, you must first create an EBC online giving account via our Online Giving platform.  If you don't have an EBC online giving account, you can give as an guest user and create a new account as part of your giving process by clicking here.   

When configuring the Church LifeTM App, if you are prompted for a Site ID, use 105877.