"Our perspective on money and possessions determines how we handle every other issue in life." 

For the believer, our attitude toward money and our use of material things have long been critical issues in our spiritual journey.

"Money isn’t the goal in the light of God’s glory."

"One of the greatest challenges in our post-modern civilization is how to put and keep money in its proper perspective. Money can be a great opportunity and a wonderful tool, but it can also be a tremendous temptation and a significant stumbling block. With money, we can accomplish great things for God, or we can lose sight of our dependence on God and rely instead on our own selfish interests and desires. Money is the means to an end—not the end in itself."

Money has the power to affect and influence our lives in every area and when we are unaware of its divine purpose, because of what it empowers us to do, it has the potential to take the place of God. We use it to buy food, clothes, and shelter, it gives us independence, security, and sometimes significances that we may not or cannot otherwise achieve.

Jesus in the New Testament talks more about money and possession than any other topic including heaven, hell, and prayer. In fact, the majority of His teaching focuses on how to keep a proper perspective on money, possessions, and wealth, and what has become one of our cultures primary spiritual issue. "A proper understand of money and Godly wisdom in money choices."

During our study of "Handling Money God’s Way", we will review the duties of discipleship and learn God’s perspective of all possessions.

My prayer is that in these Seven Lessons we will be challenged to reexamine our handling of money and possessions in light of God’s glory and His faithfulness toward His people.

Rev. Charles A. Lundy

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