Improving Your Serve : Art of Unselfish Living

by Charles R. Swindoll


In the day-to-day grin, of our busy, self-seeking world, it's easy to lose track of what's really important. In this classic volume “Improving Your Serve”, Chuck Swindoll offers a fresh perspective on authentic servanthood as a way of life for every believer.  In this challenging study learners will discover why a straight-from-the-heart generosity brings richer rewards than mere money or position will every buy. “Improving Your Serve” offers a case for unselfishness and shows why serving others can be a much more fulfilling way to live. Readers will also learn how a radical application of the biblical principles of servanthood can transform a life from the inside out -- and make a real and lasting difference in today's world.

“Improving Your Serve” will help the reader build the foundation for a happy and fulfilled life through demonstrating love for others. Application of the principles outlined in “Improving Your Serve” can help anyone become a more authentic, warmer and a more transparent human being who lives out authentic love in a lost and declining world.

In these times, we have an abundance of self-proclaimed experts, leaders and celebrities, all scrambling for the spotlight. In the midst of it all, the biblical principle of servanthood is remarkably conspicuous by its absence.

During our study of “Improving Your Serve”, Charles Swindoll will re-introduce us to the gentle art of living unselfishly.

My prayer is that in these Sixteen Lessons we will be challenged and experience the collective will and encouragement to “improve our server as we live in and cope with a world that needs the message of Christ more than ever.


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